Spyderco | Para Military 2 (Sprint) Knife Green Handle - Plain Blade

Originally designed to condense the defining features of Spyderco's Military Model into a more compact format, the Paramilitary took the knife world by storm. Its second-generation version, the Paramilitary 2, reigns as one of the most popular folding knife designs ever created and continues to inspire an expanding family of variations.

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Spyderco | Para Military 2 (Sprint) Knife Green Handle - Plain Blade

Featuring high quality steel and handle construction, the Para Military 2 series is perfect for those that value performance and resilience in folding knives.

The lean, open-backed design, nested stainless steel liners, and high-strength Compression Lock mechanism of this highly evolved folder complement a full-flat-ground blade, an oversized Trademark Round Hole, and a four-position clip. Together, the synergy of these elements yields a truly exemplary cutting tool that has had a profound impact on modern knife design.

CPM-S45VN is a martensitic stainless steel specifically created to transcend its predecessors. Its carefully tuned chemistry promotes the formation of more chromium carbides while leaving larger amounts of free chromium available for corrosion resistance. Together with a finely tuned formula of niobium, nitrogen, vanadium, and carbon, its composition offers a superior balance of edge retention, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and toughness. All of these qualities are further enhanced by the Crucible Particle Metallurgy process, which ensures an exceptionally homogenous grain structure.

To showcase this high-performance steel, Spyderco is producing limited edition Sprint Runs of a select number of their US-made models. Each CPM-S45VN knife will also feature distinctive forest green G10 scales and an exclusive CNC-machined Diamond Arc pattern that gives them a visually stunning non-slip texture.

  • Handle: Forest Green Diamond Arc G10
  • Blade Length: 86.9mm
  • Steel: CPM-S45VN Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 110.6g
  • Overall Length: 209 mm