PowerTraveller | Mini-G Portable Charger

Versatile, multi-voltage power pack.

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PowerTraveller | Mini-G Portable Charger

For your slightly larger electronics where a normal sized power bank would not suffice, the PowerTraveller Mini-G Portable Charger is the one for the job.

Great for charging laptops, SLR cameras, smartphones and any other 5V to 19V device. Dust tight and waterproof design. Dual USB output for charging multiple devices simultaneously. Made from hard-wearing, durable materials.

  • Mini-G power pack
  • 1x USB to Micro USB cable
  • 1x DC connection cable
  • 1x 19V universal AC mains charger
  • 1x Female 12V in-car charger socket
  • Connector tip pack
  • Multi-voltage power pack with 12000mAh /44Wh
  • 1x DC input
  • 1x DC output (12V, 16V, 19V)
  • 1x Dual USB output (5V 2A/1A)
  • LCD screen
  • 1x International 19V AC mains charger
  • One-touch button technology
  • Daisy-chain feature
  • Rugged outer casing
  • Multi-voltage functionality and simultaneous charging via 5V USB
  • Size: 158 x 237 x 80mm
  • Weight: 323g