Rite in the Rain | Perfect Bound 3.5" x 5.75" Field Flex Golf Notebook

This compact record book is golf ready. Whatever challenges your workday presents, rain, sweat, mud or grease, your records and notes will survive.

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Rite in the Rain | Perfect Bound 3.5" x 5.75" Field Flex Golf Notebook

In the rain, sweaty pockets or the golf bag, you can count on this notebook to keep your golfing notes and scores safe and sound.

Rite in the Rain's soft cover Field-Flex Notebooks are tough, resilient, and flexible. Theweather-resistant and archival-grade paper resists stains, survives moisture, and lasts for a lifetime in storage. The unique Field-Flex cover material lets mud and water roll right off, protecting your notes in adverse conditions. Field-Flex bends easily and then springs back into shape - they fit comfortably into a cramped bag and won't be any worse for wear. If it's worth writing down, it's worth protecting on Rite in the Rain Paper - defending of your notes against the elements since 1916.

  • DRIVE YOUR GAME FORWARD: Yardage distances for each club, an advanced score section, and room for notes all help you refine your game.
  • TOUGH COVER: The Field-Flex Cover can take a beating in your golf bag or conforms to your pocket - no worse for the wear.
  • HANDY REFERENCE: Course markers, scoring marks, and commonly misunderstood rules, come in handy even for a seasoned player.
  • Sheet Size: 89mm x 146mm
  • Overall Dimensions: 89mm x 152mm x 4.6mm
  • Cover Material: Field-Flex
  • Page Count: 48 pages / 24 sheets
  • Binding: Perfect bound, weatherproof glue
  • Paper Weight: 32# Rite in the Rain
  • Page Pattern: Score and Stats form, Golf Club Data Form and Notes
  • Weight: 45.4 grams