Rite in the Rain | Rite in the Rain | Perfect Bound 3.25" x 5" Thin Blue Line Field Flex Notebook - Black

This compact record book is law enforcement ready. Whatever challenges your workday presents, rain, sweat, mud or grease, your records will survive.

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Rite in the Rain | Rite in the Rain | Perfect Bound 3.25" x 5" Thin Blue Line Field Flex Notebook - Black

Made for law enforcement officers and alike, this notebook can be trusted and depended on to keep important notes safe and sound – from the roughest weather conditions to simple day-to-day wear and tear.

Rite in the Rain's soft cover Field-Flex Notebooks are tough, resilient, and flexible. Weather-resistant and archival-grade paper resists stains, survives moisture, and lasts for a lifetime in storage. Unique Field-Flex cover material lets mud and water roll right off, protecting your notes in adverse conditions. Field-Flex bends easily and then springs back into shape - they fit comfortably into a cramped field bag and won't be any worse for wear. If it's worth writing down, it's worth protecting on Rite in the Rain Paper - defending your notes against the elements since 1916.

  • DEFENSIBLE: Meets strict requirements for valid testimony and evidence gathering. The permanent binding and numbered pages prove sequence.
  • DURABLE COVER: Flexible cover conforms to uniform pockets and protects your case notes from the elements – no worse for the wear.
  • EVIDENCE RULERS: This professional's tool includes evidence rulers on the back cover that can act as a photo scale.
  • Sheet Size: 83mm x 127mm
  • Overall Dimensions: 83mm x 127mm x 6.4mm
  • Cover Material: Field-Flex
  • Page Count: 112 pages / 56 sheets
  • Binding: Perfect bound, weatherproof glue
  • Paper Weight: 20# Rite in the Rain
  • Page Pattern: Legal
  • Imperial and Metric evidence rulers, conversion table, map scale
  • Weight: 68 grams