SteriPEN | Universal Fits All Water Filter

The Fits All filter is designed to remove particles from drinking water using a fine micron mesh filter. It can fill narrow mouth or wide mouth bottles using it unique funnel design.

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SteriPEN | Universal Fits All Water Filter

Removing particulates before you purify your water with SteriPEN’s UV technology is highly recommended and makes for a much more pleasurable drinking experience.

The Steripen universal filter is designed to fit over water containers using its funnel design so dirt and sediment can be first removed from drinking water sourced from unclean water for example rivers and streams. You can filter into narrow mouth bottles or wide mouth bottles using this filter design. Ideal solution for cleaning water prior to sterilising with a Steripen UV steriliser.

  • Fits a variety of water bottles 
  • Removes particulates from water 
  • 4 micron durable screen 
  • Use alone or as adapter for SteriPEN UV water purifiers 
  • Versatile and lightweight 
  • Nests for easy storage
  • Height:8.9cm
  • Weight: 65g
  • Length: 7.1cm
  • Width: 9.5cm