Four products you wish you had known about sooner

It’s a tale as old as time, you finally start using an appliance, gadget or trick that leaves you wondering ‘where’s this been my whole life’?

We’ve created a list of our top four gadgets that will save you time, money and grey hairs. So do your future self a favour and don’t wait another day for these lifesavers, they just make sense:



This phone mounting system is a must for anyone spending time on the road. It allows you to stay safe and avoid heavy penalties as you communicate and navigate. Even better, the magnetic system can be removed in one smooth motion and used to attach your phone to any magnetic surface for hands free accessibility.

RRP: $75.00 Click Here to buy or for more information.



If you’ve often found yourself fumbling in the dark for your tent zipper or even worse – holding your torch in your mouth as you cook – then you’ll be wondering why it took you so long to strap on a Ledlenser Headlamp. They’re lightweight and illuminate almost your entire field of view to give you the freedom to get things done after dark.

RRP: $59.95 Click Here to buy or for more information.



Professionals use Leatherman multi-tools to save time when it matters most. Leatherman have incorporated generations of know-how from experts worldwide to engineer a tool that blends durable materials with 12 different mechanisms for ultimate performance. This is the last multi-tool you’ll ever need.

RRP: $354.95 Click Here to buy or for more information.



Being able to charge your devices in the wild or about town could save your life or just make it much easier. Either way, this lightweight, rugged power pack will keep your phone, tablet or other 5V device going all day long. Never go it alone with the Sport 25 Power Pack from Powertraveller.                                                                                                                 

RRP: $129.95 Click Here to buy or for more information.

Headerimage by Andrea Piacquadio