Cold? Selk’bag – The wearable sleeping bag!

Cold? Selk’bag – The wearable sleeping bag!

Named after the long lost Selk’nam tribe of Tierra del Fuego, Chile that inspired their product, Selk’bag is a global brand that's all about providing warmth, comfort, mobility and fun through their wearable sleeping bags.

New to Gear Supply are two of Selk'bag's range - the "Original" Selk'bag with dual-layered insulation for avid outdoor enthusiasts who place a premium on warmth and versatility, plus the "Lite" Selk'bag with single-layer insulation and durable, lightweight construction that delivers cozy comfort with full mobility that's ideal as a spring and summer camping companion.

The Selk’bag sleeping bags are designed to give maximum comfort and warmth while providing the greatest freedom of movement. Perfect for your next adventure.

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