Simple ways to switch to a more sustainable existence

Simple ways to switch to a more sustainable existence

Every day we make choices in our lives that are affecting our environment, climate and the natural habitat around us. Although sometimes it is easy to forget how important our decisions are in relation to the environment, it is important to take more action! Whilst in the outdoors or on a camping trip, it is easy to litter your rubbish as it is inconvenient to you – but you have to know what effect this is having on the environment.

At Gear Supply we have many sustainable items that will help you start making ecofriendly decisions:



Having a stainless steel water bottle is absolutely essential for making sustainable decisions. This ensures that less people are buying plastic water bottles which is way better for the environment!  This water bottle is one of the world’s most highly regarded recyclable water bottle brands.

RRP $35.95



Purchasing a backpack you can re-use is very sustainable for the environment. It ensures you can keep any rubbish in there, plus re-use this bag for years to come! It is perfect for work, university or even an outdoor adventure. The bag has plenty of space for storing small and large items, is super light and practical and easy to use hiking, cycling or just tackling the elements.

RRP $219.95



Many people rely on plastic cutlery, but this leads to a significant number of waste every year! Lightweight TrailCutlery Tritan® is a featherlight cutlery set made of Tritan®-plastic, and this set contains a spoon, knife and a fork. It’s very durable and is free from BPA, BPS and other bisphenols, plus it’s dishwasher safe and will not scratch cookware with a non-stick coating.

RRP $17.95


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