Never Couch Surf again with the latest wearable sleeping bag available in Australia

Never Couch Surf again with the latest wearable sleeping bag available in Australia

In recent years, camping has become an increasingly popular form of holiday, particularly for Aussies looking to explore the outdoors. And currently, with COVID-19 restrictions meaning people can’t travel outside their states, there has been no better time to pack up your gear and head for a weekend away in the elements.

While sleeping bags have been a common essential most people have on hand, the one problem they can’t solve is that they are impossible to move around in! This is where global outdoor branding Selk’Bag is here to help.  

Selk'bag is the new wearable, form-fit sleeping bag that provides fun, comfort and mobility for all adventures, whether its outdoors, lounging around the house or crashing at your mate’s place. The original Selk’Bag range are now available in Australia in a wide range of colours and styles.

Selk'bag has a rich history of innovation, originally designed in China in 2009 and then onto worldwide recognition through its technical proficiency and design excellence.



So, what are the benefits of buying a Selk’Bag?

  • They are 100% mobile and active friendly, meaning you can do any task at home or outdoors comfortably, whilst keeping warm.
  • They have a weather-resistant DWR exterior, meaning you can wear it in rain, wind or heat. If you get too hot, they have extra ventilation in the legs so you can regulate the temperature yourself
  • They come with detachable booties and elastic hand closures, making it easy to protect your shoes in tougher elements
  • Unlike sleeping bags, Selk’bags come with their own storage! There are plenty of pockets to keep your valuables safe as you adventure

The added benefit of switching out your sleeping bag for a Selk’Bag is that you are able to keep warm and snug all night long, but it also gives you to the option to remove certain parts, helping you temperature control as needed.

And the best part? There is nothing worse than having to roll up a sleeping bag at the end of a camping trip – but with the Selk’bag, just hop out of ‘bed,’ into the car and drive away!


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