The perfect bag for every outdoor adventure

The perfect bag for every outdoor adventure

No matter where you are going for an outdoor adventure, you want to make sure you pack the right gear, and you need the perfect bag to suit your needs.

We know that it can be a struggle for you to find the perfect bag, one that fits all the things you need, but also one that is comfortable and not too heavy. After all, you don’t want the bag to weigh more than the heavy gear inside it!

Below are some of the best hiking bags that will be sure to suit you for your future adventures:



During the wet months, no one wants to worry about their items getting ruined by the rain. Thanks to the Tru®Zip Technology, you won’t have to worry about rain or dust again. The cube is the perfect size as it can hold enough clothes for a week-long trip, but also compact enough to fit into a carry-on. It allows you to keep organised while on an outing and makes it easy to locate your items when you may be in a rush.

RRP: $96.00



The Kånken No. 2 is an extremely spacious backpack, making it the most practical bag for any use, whether that be school, work, a camping trip or a travel bag. Its high quality can be seen through it being made from durable, waxed G-1000 HeavyDuty with leather details and its black on black detailing makes sure it will suit any outfit, keeping you looking stylish. The main compartment has a generous opening that makes it easy to pack and unpack, making it extremely easy for when you’re out and about.

RRP: $249.95



Have you been searching for that perfect cooler backpack? One that is the right size and will suit any occasion? Well look no further, as Dry Ice has made the perfect one for you! Their premium cooler backpack is suitable for camping, festivals, boating, chilling at the beach or for any water-based activity. It has an insulating foam core to keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours and padded back straps to ensure comfortability. With it being 100% waterproof, it will be sure to not disappoint on your next adventure.

RRP: $127.95



OverBoard’s 20 Litre Classic Backpack is a practical and useful bag when undertaking water sports or other activities. It has a unique seamless construction and roll top sealing system, making the backpack 100% waterproof and suitable for quick submersion so you can take it out on the water. This also protects your items against sand, dirt and dust.

RRP: $127.95



OverBoard’s Backpack Tidy would be the perfect accessory the classic backpack and would make your life so much easier while on adventures. It’s perfect for a phone, laptop or tablet and is compatible with all OverBoard 12, 20, 30 + 45 Litre Waterproof Backpacks. This lets you be able to bring your valuables on outings with no worries at all.

RRP: $39.95


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