The best outdoor enviro-friendly products

The best outdoor enviro-friendly products

Camping trips are a great way to enjoy and experience nature while you’re with friends and family. Whether your climbing a mountain, doing a hike or even just sitting by the campfire, it’s hard not to appreciate the gorgeous nature surrounding you. In order to keep our environment fresh and beautiful, we need to consider alternative products that work just as well but are not harmful to our landscape.

Here are some of our best outdoor enviro-friendly products that you can use on your next outing:



No one wants their phone to die on a camping trip. No matter where you go, the Solar Adventure portable charger has got you covered! It has the ability to be recharged by the panel in 14-16 hours of strong sunlight, ensuring your electronics don’t run out of charge while you’re out. Even better, you’re not harming the environment! So now, you can enjoy your trip with one less thing to worry about.

RRP: $194.95


Fjällräven’s large gear bag is a must have item for your next camping trip. Not only is it the perfect sized bag for a number of purposes like a toilet bag or first aid equipment, but it is enviro-friendly. It’s produced from organic cotton and recycled polyester, as well as has a double-waxed G-1000 HeavyDuty Eco external which helps prevent it from getting wet and dirty. You definitely won’t regret using this practical, yet eco-friendly product on your next outdoor experience.

RRP: $64.95


Are you still using a new plastic water bottle each and every time you go out? Make a more conscious effort in sustaining our environment by using Klean Kanteen’s Insulated TYPRO 25oz’s. It’s thermal performance not only keeps any beverage hot or cold, but helps prevent more plastic bottles being used, in turn positively effecting to our environment. The smallest changes you make can play a great role in sustaining and preserving our environment. Make the change, so that you are able to appreciate the nature on your next outing.

RRP: $83.95

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