5 Must-Haves for the hardcore bushwalker

5 Must-Haves for the hardcore bushwalker

If you are a hardcore bushwalker and are looking for an upgrade on your bushwalking equipment, Gear Supply has a range of must-have’s. These products will ensure you are perfectly equipped for any bushwalk, no matter how long or intense it is. Not only this, but the high quality of the products will ensure you will not leave the house without them, so there is no chance of forgetting any of these items!



This vacuum insulated water bottle was created with versatility and portability to make it easier to use whilst hiking. It is made out of a stainless-steel interior which increases thermal performance, keeping contents hot up to 38 hours or iced up to 135 hours. This is perfect in both a hot and cold climate, as you can sip of tea, hot chocolate or even soup in a cold climate or iced water in a hot climate. A major benefit of this water bottle is the leak proof cap and the straw cap, ensuring you stay hydrated and there is no leakage of your contents. Don’t stress if you drop it on your hike as it is Chip-Resistant powder coat finish. This water bottle is perfect for any hike, whether long or short and is a must-have!




This lightweight and portable powerpack is perfect for charging your smartphone (iPhone, Android), action cameras or small tablets. This ensures that if by any chance you run out of battery, get lost or lose your hiking partner you will always have a back-up plan. It comes with a charger and a USB cable, so it is extremely easy to use and very light!




This stylish and compact headtorch is every experienced hikers buddy! In just one minute you can transform your HM3 from a stylish headlamp to a multipurpose light. This mountain system is easy to use and the clip makes it easy to secure to your shirt or you belt! It is perfect for hikers who like to walk for long hours, so you can start as early or finish as late as you want as you have a little buddy to guide you along the way.

RRP: $84.95



When hiking, especially on a new route, it is so important to know your way! That’s why Gear Supply have introduced a waterproof document pouch to keep your map in so you don’t have to be using your phone in the great outdoors! This pouch will ensure you keep it crisp and clean, featuring transparent front and back windows so you are able to read contents on both sides of the map! It seals with a zip lock and will protect your vital documents from sand, dirt, UV sun and frost damage!

RPP: $26.95



This sports belt pack is designed to take your valuables with you anywhere you choose to walk. The belt pack is 100% waterproof and is easily worn around your waist. Not only this, but if you need to walk through water and lose it, it will float so you can fish it out easily. It can fit passports, wallets, iPods and phone! The back of it is fully padded making it nice and comfy and is absolutely perfect for a extreme hike.


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