Tips for a flawless summer bushwalk

Tips for a flawless summer bushwalk

Whether you’re packing for a camping trip or thinking of a quick local adventure, it’s always important to plan a bushwalk in advance. Keep an eye on weather forecasts to make sure that you’re prepared for whatever the day may throw at you and be prepared to cancel if the mercury creeps too high. Bushwalking can bring its own challenges and priorities, here some handy tips to help the trip go smoothly:


1. Map out your route in advance

Spontaneity is all part of the fun with outdoor adventures, but when it comes to bushwalking it’s important to know where you’re headed. Research the area and your proposed route before you go and think through which options you need available. If you’re new to bushwalking, find an area with multiple trails that give easy alternatives throughout the day.

It’s a great idea to mark out your route, lookouts, swimming spots and your parked car on a paper map before you head out. Use the OVERBOARD Medium Document Pouch RRP: $26.95 to keep your map protected from water, dirt and UV.


2. Bring a back-up power supply

We never plan for our phones to go flat, but a few hundred pictures of a stunning waterfall or wild koalas can seriously drain your battery. Pack a portable power supply like the POWERTRAVELLER Swift 40 Power Pack RRP: $109.95 and snap away knowing that your phone will be charged and ready for any scenario.

If you’re headed on a multi-day trip, consider carrying the POWERTRAVELLER Extreme Solar RRP: $154.95. This lightweight clamshell solar panel opens to an angle of 220° and is easily attached to a backpack or tent with its Velcro strap. Weighing in at only 289g, the Extreme Solar is easily carried on a bushwalk.


3. Take plenty of water

Water is essential to a summer bushwalk. Make sure you pack plenty for each person and sip on it regularly throughout the walk. Pack the Klean Kanteen Insulated TKWide 64oz (1900mL)  RRP: $99.95 and enjoy cold, refreshing water for up to 135 hours, or hot drinks for 38 hours. Compatible with all TKWide Lids, you can throw this drink bottle in your bag and trust that it won’t leak or condensate.

Two liters of cool water should be plenty for a four hour bushwalk, however if you’re hiking for longer, it’s a really warm day or just need a top up, fill your bottle with water from a fresh stream and purify it yourself with the STERIPEN Ultralight UV Water Purifier RRP: $239.95


4. Easily carry your gear

Keep all your gear safe and protected with an ergonomic backpack. No matter how light or heavy you pack, it’s important to make sure your bag is comfortable and easy to carry. Try to split your gear evenly amongst your walking crew so that everyone carries an equal weight. If one bag ends up heavier than others, try to move it between the group throughout the day, adjusting the straps for each person.

Look for easily adjustable, simple and robust trekking bags, like the FJALLRAVEN Kaipak 28 RRP: $239.95