The essential cooking equipment for camping

The essential cooking equipment for camping

Are you the type of person who gets asked to go camping and borrows a tent off a friend? Do you enjoy camping but find it daunting as to what products you should buy? Well then you’ve come to the right place.  Being a beginner camper can be daunting but if you’re looking to become an expert camper then we suggest to begin with looking into the cooking section of camping as it is extremely fun! This guide will tell you what to pack to make sure you can cook an awesome, camping friendly meal that everyone will love. Once you have bought the best cooking equipment, you will feel so excited and will want to get away this weekend.

So, get excited as we have the essential items you need to make sure you are the best chef on the campsite!


Essential cooking equipment for camping:

Essential Stove Set
This essential stove set is awesome as it makes cooking easy in the outdoors. The best thing about all of this equipment is that it can be used anywhere, anytime, it doesn’t have to necessarily be for a camping trip. It can be a hike, picnic away from home. This stove set is light and as said previously, it can be taken anywhere. It is simple to use and very easy to clean. It comes with a non-stick coated frying pan and a lid, two other pans and a wind guard with integrated burner. This will make sure you can cook anything from eggs and bacon to fish or even pasta and it will taste even more delicious because it is known everything tastes better when you’re in the outdoors.

RRP: $282.95


Campfire Cook
This cook set consists of a 1L and 1.8L pot with colanders and a frying pan. The pans and pots are stackable and compactable. This is perfect for a day or overnight hike as it is light and does not take up much space in your bag. Investing in this cooking set is a great way to get motivated to cook whilst camping and you will not regret it! 

RRP: $204.95


Counter Puppy Knife
The Counter Puppy Knife is a moulded high impact plastic handle knife which is stylized like the body and legs of a puppy. This design allows the knives to stand upright on a counter helping to keep them clean as well as being aesthetic. This knife is extremely light and sharp and is perfect for chicken, vegetables, fruit etc.. This knife is a man’s best friend as its perfect for the outdoors and will not only impress everyone around you by its standing technique but is perfect for everything cooking wise.



Ledlenser H4
When cooking outdoors, whether on a hike or camping it can possibly get dark and this Led Lenser is perfect as you can just pop it on your head and turn it on, acting like an oven light! This Led Lenser is a versatile source of light that can be brought anywhere and is a great investment. It can be clipped easily to your hat, head, shirt or anything which is why its perfect and essential to cook with!

RRP: $84.95


Insulated TKwide
This insulated water bottle is versatile, portable and is perfect for coffee, water or any other drink. It is additionally perfect for when you are cooking as it can keep water hot for when boiling, fastening up the process of boiling water or boiling anything on the pan. It can keep contents hot up to 14 hours or iced up to 47 hours so if you leave in the morning with hot water, it’ll still be hot for dinner time!

RRP: $57.95


With all of these products you can make a stir fry, eggs and bacon, soup, spaghetti bolognese, marinaded chicken, salmon and much much more.

These products will help you transition from an amateur cooker whilst camping to an expert camper. You will be able to impress all your friends, and not only that these products will last you a lifetime!